This year AdventureFlying goes into its 5th season. After a more private 2015 flying season, we have regrouped and applied a few subtle changes to our overall course concept – aiming more to be your tour-guides than your teachers. We are also planning to set a certain focus on producing pictures and video footage while running the courses with you.
In 2016 so far we are planning to offer 4 week-long public courses and 1 private-group course, all covering different areas north and south of the main Alpine Divide. For the public courses our policy on registration is generally: first pay (deposit) – first serve. Each individual course page will show you how many places are still available at a time.
If you are interested in organizing a private-group (you & your flying buddies) course with us, feel free to contact us any time. Such courses can run from 3-7 days, the requirements are the same as for public courses. Private-course arrangements have the advantage that you can suggest location and time schedule, and we will try to adjust to these preferences.
When registering on any course, we will assume that you fulfill the legal qualifications to fly hang gliders in Europe. For your own safety, we suggest you have appropriate insurance. We will, however, not check any of your licences or insurance permits – we take your word for it.
Course participants should preferrably be familiar with their equipment, and their gliders should be in a “XC-ready” state. All required glider tuning shall please happen before a course starts.
Depending on the weather conditions a typical AdventureFlying task would take 2-4 hours, and follow a pre-described task schedule and courseline. The flights therefore bear a certain similarity to competition tasks. The overall idea of AdventureFlying is, however, to fly together as a group and not against each other. Most high alpine terrain requires a foresighted style of flying, which has a lot more to do with sky-wandering, than match-racing. In this sense, we hope hearing from you soon.

The AdventureFlying Team

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