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Hang gliding GoPro Camera Mount
Hang gliding GoPro mount
Leading Edge/XBar GoPro Mount with built-in Battery

Give your photography a new spin! Our hang gliding GoPro 3/3+/4 mount was designed not only to hold the camera but also to charge it during the flight. So now even a really long Adventurous flight won't stay without a landing shot! Additional Lithium battery has 3500 mA capacity. Even in cold conditions, it will make the GoPro working for at least 5 hours with switched on WiFi and 7 hours with WiFi turned off.

We have thought about convenience and usability of this mount, so it has some nice features:

  • Doesn't take too much space due to special foldable construction
  • Very light – together with the battery it is only 170g, the console clip which stays on the glider is 45g
  • Adjustable ball head makes sure the framing is perfect
  • Our special holding clamp was designed to stay on the leading edge, so it is very easy and fast to put the mount on the glider.
    Just put the part with the camera in & clamp!
  • Soft cable and right angle shape of the USB plug makes sure the mount is not bulky
  • Additional battery also has regular and micro USB plugs and can be used for charging other instruments/smartphones after landing
  • No need to use a heavy standard GoPro cage, our sleek and light frame holds the camera tight and steady


The current version of the mount fits any 50-54 mm tube. We have found following gliders, with which this mount works:

  • Moyes gliders: Litespeed, Litesport, Gecko (both leading edge and the cross bar near the cross junction)
  • Aeros Discus
  • Aeros Target Xbar
  • Seedwings Merlin XBar
  • Icaro Laminars with zippers on the tip


If yours is not in this list but also has 50-54 mm diameter tubes and a zipper to put the mount through, please let us know!


We ship worldwide.


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