Norwegian Flying Tour – Austria & Italy

22 – 28 July

Course description:

The Norwegian Flying Tour is an anual private flying course booked by a group of pilots around competition pilots Nils Aage Henden and Dag Ring.

Unlike our regular AdventureFlying courses where we stay in a certain location and move operations around on a daily basis if the weather requires, the Norwegian course is conducted as a stage flying tour, where – if everythings goes to plan – we fly with the weather from one renown flying site to another.

Once the course dates are set, a common meeting point and possible retrieve options are negotiated – from there on it is all playing by ear.

Such form of AdventureFlying requires more mobility and last minute arrangements on accomodation, but in turn does enhance the experience of a week full of flying adventure.

It’s cool, it’s intense – it’s fun.

If you and some flying friends think this could come close to your idea of a good time, let us hear from you.


Course difficulty rating: 


Number of course participants: 6-8 Pilots



• 7 days guided flying tour with Gerolf and a supporter
• Waypoint & landing field coordinates of the area are provided for your flight instruments
• Daily weather briefing, flight planning and discussion of the topography of the course line
• 3D-Flight analysis with state of the art flight equipment and PC software
• Theory and video presentations and discussions of a wide variety of Hang gliding topics
• Assistance with camera equipment and glider mounts
• We also will suggest suitable accommodation for you, if requested.


Experience and gear required:

• Solid launch and landing technique, regular use of a drogue chute is encouraged
• Solid thermaling skills, and a certain understanding of flying as group
• A few years of XC flying experience with flights over 100 km in the past
• Advanced kingposted or topless gliders, harness with parachute, helmet, flying instruments (vario/altimeter and GPS)
• A mobile phone suitable for European pre-paid Sim-Cards
• A VHF-radio (144-148 or 430-450 MHz) with proper headset would be desirable !



The cost for the 7 days fully guided course is 450 Euro. Transport, retrieve and accommodation is not included. However, we are always trying to arrange and negotiate individual retrieve solutions between participants. Contact us for details.

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