Spring Flying course for Norwegian pilots – Bassano, Italy

27 – 30 March

Course description:

This introductory flying seminar aims foremost at developing good climbing skills, probably the key ability to solid XC and competition flying. In a number of lectures the course addresses its two essential aspects:

  • i) the meteorological side, which is understanding how and where thermals form and rise
  • ii) the technical side, which is developing the proper technique for efficiently circling in lift

The lectures are complemented by practical hints and instructions before take-off and after landing as well as a lengthy de-briefing where tracklogs of the day would be analyzed.

We would all meet Monday, 26 March, 19.00 at Tilly’s Locanda (bar) for a first welcome drink, and then take it form there.

Gerolf & Sasha, AdventureFlying


Course difficulty rating: 


Number of course participants: 10-15 Pilots (min 7 Pilots)



• 4 days guided guided task flying with Gerolf and Sasha
• Daily weather briefing, flight planning and discussion of the topography of the flying area
• 3D-Flight analysis with state of the art flight equipment and PC software
• Daily seminar on a variety of course relevant topics


Experience and gear required:

• Decent launch and landing technique, regular use of a drogue chute is encouraged
• Several flights 2-3 hours long and around 50 km in the past
• Advanced kingposted or topless gliders, harness with parachute, helmet, flying instruments (vario/altimeter and GPS)
• A mobile phone suitable for European pre-paid Sim-Cards


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Spring Flying for Norwegian pilots – Bassano, Italy, 27 – 30 March

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