The Heart of the Matter. Example of heart rate monitoring in flying.

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This article has already appeared in Cross Country Magazine in June 2016. I post it here now with an open access. The presented post is about my positive experience of using heart rate monitors in flying. I have been collecting and post analyzing data for almost every flight since last 3 years. I will talk about how it helps me to control my emotional states during flying and how I use the recorded data to learn those personal traits which affect … Read More

Wires and stresses

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After an incident at the World Championships – German team pilot Markus Ebenfeld overloaded and folded up his Icaro Z9 over the landing field upon performing a poorly conducted loop – the usual discussion on the flying wires of hang gliders maybe not being strong enough broke out once again.   Davis Straub writes: “…Third, Markus was flying with two year old the thin thin wires, 2mm”. Now, what exactly are thin thin side wires? Are you referring to 7x7mm … Read More

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